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Mail Pilot



Mail Pilot is an application that I love to use. It is a different take on how we handle those IMAP servers and I designed with forethought and care through and through. The market for Mail Clients is a tough one seeing as Google give you a client for free and pours thousands of man hours into their software development process, still against all odds Mail Pilot shines.

Alexander Obenauer, the creator of Mail Pilot, asked within his slack channel and twitter if there were any good iOS developers willing to take on the task of improving Mail Pilot. I also saw the message on though Mail Pilots slack channel and submitted my resume ASAP. Alexander got back to me, saying he liked what he saw and would like to do a interview. The interview was great we talked about Combine, SwiftUI, and managing software projects.

After narrowing down his decision Alexander went with me for his iOS Engineering position of Mail Pilot. The scope of my work after the first deliverable quickly ballooned into getting issues for the Throttle, an email spam throttling service.


I won't go into detail about the work done for newer features of Mail Pilot or Throttle. Don't want to jump the gun on anything that Alexander has planned. The work I can discuss is the massive rewrite of the application to SwiftUI. This was a lot of fun and interesting problem to work with. Even through SwiftUI is a straight forward declarative framework, when interfacing that with legacy systems it can get weird. Particularly in the life cycle of the application.

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