Fri Jan  7 11:18:27 EST 2022
I like listening to the garbage podcast with Joshua Stein or jcs.
Unfortunately the website is down but the design of it was stellar!

Terminal Colors
I currently use the default profile for the terminal application on MacOS.
After reading the post by Patrick it makes me what to customize the theming of the terminal.
Looking to do it like I have my website. 
While probably do the design in sketch.

I have gotten to page 22 within Alfred's Adult Piano Book. 
I start each day at the beginning and go until I get bored. 
That process has been going pretty well.

Website Development
I have found out that I can make files with the date with the command:
vim $(date +%F)
pretty smooth and will be using this for making files now :) 
It is double nice because I can use the same command to open the file back up!
I bet I can turn this into an alias so I can use it all over my computer. 
Here it is in my .zshrc: 
alias note = "vim ~/Documents/websites/$(date +%F).txt"
Very happy

Fri Jan  7 23:37:11 EST 2022
I guess I can put life updates and things that I am hopeful for here as well. 
I have an interview this Monday. 
I got it by this referral from Rick I know him from twitter.
Really cool and day a tweet about his company expanding a bit and I wanted to jump on board. 
He has been talking about e possibly needing to take some tie off of school and I really wish that does not happen. 
I have been involved and so any business ventures that wanted me to do that and at this point i just would  rather not. 
But if the pay is good I am sure I will be able to manage. 
My price for leaving school is 120k. 
Even then I would not leave but just take less classes. 
Well my other computer is in the bed waiting for me so I gotta log off.