Tue Jan 11 12:17:28 EST 2022
So I wanted to move my physics and chemisty courses online but that is not going to be able to happen. 
This is an obvious problem for my potential full time job that could be happening soon. 
What I will do is just not show up to lectures for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the times of between 9-5.

All of the class are test heavy and the homework to be done online and attendance is not apart of their grading scale.
This will be THE hardest intellectual time of my life if I get this job.
I will be working 40 for work and at least 40 hours of school. 
But I am sure I will love every second of it.

Then you know a man is really at his best, his most fulfilled, when he's on the way to becoming what he's going to become. 
> The Money Game - Page 27 - Adam Smith

I think about this quote a lot when I am going through something challenging but necessary.

Physics Professor has the coolest french accent, and is enthusiastic about physics I will hate if I can come to this class.

For the upcoming technical interview I am going to have a change of plans and use some of the Isolated Mail Pilot Projects to showcase my skills. 
I won't showcase much networking but will really show the best of what I can do in the terms of SwiftUI.
Also the structure is very good and well commented so I will be able to talk about it without stumbling around or not having enough to talk about.