Thu Jan 13 12:23:10 EST 2022
Piano practice is going pretty well. 
I am at page 33 currently. 
I feel confident with the C position and being to rely on reading the sheet music a lot more. 
Also, practice felt more fun than struggle today so that is a plus. 
Funny how you have to suffer a little bit before the rewards come in. 

Thu Jan 13 18:07:11 EST 2022
Closing up on the end of the day.
I was in the library earlier today pursing the sections.
I landed upon the American history section.
Recently, I have finished reading up to chapter two in American Yawp.
Coming off of that knowledge I had a better appreciation for that section.
My eye caught the book Blacks in Canada for couple of reasons.
Mainly because I do not know a lot about Canadian history.
After reading, I learned that Canada's history is much like ours.
Here's a diagram to illustrate:

Americans Colonization
|_North America   -> France        -> Canada
|_Central America -> Great Britain -> America 
|_South America   -> Spain         -> Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru Etc. 

Within the book, Blacks in Canada, they talk about a small black boy.
That was my french translation. 
Apparently he was the first Black man/Slave in Canada given as a gift.

Mock Interview
Goal tomorrow is to impress the interviewer.
How to impress not a code walk through; its a misnomer. 

Start with showing the production version of the implementation.
Explain the settings window and the implementations of things within it.
Then go to your code.

Debugging Window

Make sure that when you are not selling you self short

Composable Archicture
Gotta read more into this