Sun Jan 16 13:22:30 EST 2022

The American Yawp - Chapter 5: The American Revolution
Probably one of the longest chapters that I have read so far in the book. 
Necessarily so, the American revolution seemed to have a worldwide impact. 
After the Seven Years war so many nations lost.
Particularly the French, but the American revolution allowed for retribution.
The french were not easily persuaded to join the cause.
They joined after a victory from George Washington in a major battle.
With the support of many other nations the Americans were able to take on the largest military in the world at the time.
After the Americans JUST helped the British in the seven years war.

Two types of Americans: 
|__Supported the fight for independence
|__These Americans were loyal to the crown.

The war for independence started ~1776 and lasted until ~1783.
This was finalized with the Treaty of Paris.
This is called the Treaty of Paris only because it was signed in Paris.
What a misnomer.