Thu Jan 20 16:03:18 EST 2022
Probability and Data Analysis is terribly boring.
This is entirely the professors fault.
He doesn't see if there are any questions and just drones on and on.
I think it is his sentence structure, using periodic type sentences.

I think I will just work on learning R during this time instead. 

Thu Jan 20 18:23:46 EST 2022
Talked to the professor about R. 
Really glad he agrees with me about the things I like about it.
Mainly because what can be implied about countless other questions.

Need to make sure to email him about getting those example datasets.

Piano Practice is going well.
I have moved to the G position and doing very well in it.
I wonder when the music starts mixing the two positions and how I will fare. 

Almost done with American Yawp.
About ~3 more chapters left.
I will probably finish my current one if I don't gossip my time away.

I have also decided that I need a way to search my notes.
A simple cat all of them and then getting the grep of them would be great.
Or I can just grep the folder.
That's the one.

Also I want to USE OpenBSD.
Instead of just trying to be a developer first.