Tue Jan 25 11:47:08 EST 2022
Forgot my lunch at home today.
I guess that does not matter too much since it is in the refrigerator.

Need to get the other tire replaced on the PT Cruiser.
Hopefully we can do this before it blows, otherwise that blows :).

I would like to start making a list of sites that I like. 
One section for just blogs.
Another section for learning resources.
I can't say what else. 

Meeting with Fernando for swift mentoring has been really awesome lots of things learned so fast. 
Before the next session I want to get the code for Match my Mechanic with some sort of style guide.

Tue Jan 25 15:22:58 EST 2022
Lunch at Popeye's cost $15.20
2 Sandwich's and a small fry and very small mac and cheese and a drink.

The meal was comparable to the lunch I bring.

My lunch broken down over 8 days: 


That's pretty impressive over course my cost is changed if I moved to a higher quality of meat.
This is something that I will possible stick to.
The cost can still stay under $1000 a year and have great quality of meat.

My professor helped me get the histogram working in R. 
it was fairly simple now that he has shown me.

To get the histogram on the dataset such as: 


All you have to do is:
hist(data$TimeToNext, xlabel="duration",ylabel="TimeToNext",main="")

The histogram takes a dataframe which he described as basically an excel spreadsheet.