Wed Jan 26 11:06:02 EST 2022
This morning was not bad but was not good either. 
I went to bed pretty late last night, 00:01.
And got up late as well, 08:54.
I guess it is not the worse but I wish it did not happen like this.
I want to continuously get up around 06:00.

Still waiting on the decision for the job.
It is a little nerve wrecking but it is what it is.

I want to get better at typography. 

My chemistry teacher names her cats off of the periodic table. 
One of the cats is pretty crazy.
She wants to name that cat after one of the reactionary metals.
Speaking of chemisty I watched the lecture prior and did not know it!

Getting the electron configuration is pretty fun.

Make sure to get the physics laboratory manual or at least copy someone else's.

Lab instructions: 
4 different parts with four different measurements. 
Outcome of learning objectives are important for the Final Exam. 
Write down all the digits.

Two significant figures on the ruler


* is at 32.0

Density = mass / volume

Write down unknown code: MAX Part One 

Wed Jan 26 20:58:47 EST 2022
Working on the barcode scanner for my senior project app Shelf.
Shelf is an application that allows you to see whats on your shelf. 
By remote tracking of the shelf's items you can save a lot of time. 
I am working on getting the barcode scanner for the iOS application right now.