Thu Jan 27 11:48:58 EST 2022
Good news, my piano sustain pedal is now working well. 
I will be able to continue to practice with my current piano for another year.
The new song, Beautiful Brown Eyes, is pretty difficult to play.
It is in the G position and is kinda hard to get with the sustain pedal.
I am almost there though. 

I forgot my lunch at home again today.
I have resolved that I will starve before paying $15.20 for lunch. 
Let's see how this goes. 

Found out that run down houses are about $100,000 - $150,000 in Atlanta.
That is not bad at all.
I hope to buy a broken down house and fix it up for a couple years.
Will give me something to do.

Still have not heard back about the job. 
Worried a bit but I am optimistic for either outcome.
If I get the job, I can start making money and learning some great things.
Or, I don't I can prepare myself so well before I graduate.

Forgot to go to Physics Recitation. 
That is not good.

Doing the homework for physics now. 
It asks: 
Consider an electric field perpendicular to a work bench. 
When a small charged sphere of mass 3.92 grams.
Also a charge −17.4 µC is carefully placed in the field.
Such that the sphere is in static equilibrium. 
What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field? 
(Give the magnitude in N/C.)

Newton -> Kilogram * Meter/Seconds^2
mass = 3.92 grams
charge = -17.4 micro-Coulombs 
gravity = -9.8 meters/second^2

So imagine a electric field coming directly upwards from a table. 
You place a metal ball in the middle of the field. 
The ball floats in static equilibrium. 
How does this happen, whats the vector of force from the table?

Unit conversion:
mass = 3.92 grams -> Kilograms
charge = -17.4    -> Coulombs 

3.92  * 10^-3
-17.4 * 10^-6

We present around the Feb 7th.
Localization of scale.
Sonic sensor.

Android Application:

iOS Application:
Quin'darius Lyles-Woods


Next meeting Monday at 2:00PM EST.