Sun Jan 30 10:54:46 EST 2022

Got to write it down or I will never truly remember. 

Dinner discussion was around free speech. 
The conversation started because of the Joe Rogan Anti-Vaccination debacle.

I believe that he should not be silenced.
Because when you try to silence controversial ideas they get worse.
That's what I think it is not backed by data.
If the effects of words happened instantly, I don't think I have the same stance.
Tough topic.

Vanity gaps just don't work for dwm.c unless I really dive into the source code.
I will do that later but not today.

Got the CNC machine to cut out hello world.
Was pretty cool will like to get it to do a spatula soon.

Free speech, do we deserve it? 
Can it be handed out? 
Can it be regulated? 
Who has the power for what should be said? 
An answer is a lie. 
Feels like Parable of the Sower where you can't rest on an axiom. 
God is change in this scenario. 
Or more appropriately, the truth is changing always.
It depends on the people and what they believe. 
And if you think that your beliefs are right.
That is only half the battle. 

Transparancy in xterm is done with xcompmgr.

Sun Jan 30 22:23:11 EST 2022

Got to even distribute weight.
Not cause stress when the structure moves.
Soil settles, and expands.
Has to reach deep enough to not be effected by freezing and unfreezing.
Install below the frost line.
Basement can be considered as the foundation.

Types of Foundations: 
        End bearing 
        Skin friction
    Pier and beam 
    Strip footing
        Slaps on the ground


This guy Matt built his home for $30,000