Hard Times

I woke up after eating my fill and drinking my worth with the family the day after thanksgiving. 

The times were great.
The company was good. 
The music was sung. 

I took two ibuprofens after we decieded to call it a night.
It did wonders to prevent any headaches that I was going to have the following day. 
The next day came and it came without any pressure within my skull.
More of a kick in the chest.
As I walk into the backyard, a place a few moments ago filled with gublience and laughter being stared at in horror.

My Macbook Pro is covered from the rain. 
The wind has been knocked out of my chest for a couple days now and it is hard to grasp. 
The computer being gone is not my problem but the timing of it all. 
This is the time to be finishing up all the projects that I had on that computer to finish up the school semster.
It will make it terribly hard to rebound off of this blow but the post is not particulary about losing a computer. 

About a year before I totaled a Tesla Model 3 and the feeling doesn't even compare. 

The feeling of lost was felt so much more with that computer not because of the things done on it or the things currently on the harddrive. 
The feeling cannot be computed with the words of abstract emotion, but with meatapors and similies.