Social Freedom

The process of going on to social media used to be amazing. 
You are given a list of everything that your "friends" posted if you haven't spammed up your digital life with too many people you did not know. 
You were not introduced with a billion different ideas form a billion different people. 
A billion different ideas are not bad but the way we are receiving them are.

Going on social media doesn't have the same allure anymore.
To go on Fa****ok in around 2010, I can not say that it was healthier, but it I did not feel mortified after 20 minutes of reading.
The comparison was from taking a beer on the weekends to Leaving Las Vegas 24/7.
You go onto social media now and I am not sure that it is because age or my personality but I feel the urge to mindlessly scroll it feels very much like TV. 
Some will say that on social media you can interact with the content that is there so its way more mentally stimulating than TV. 
I do not agree. 
You can comment on a show on TV and the people in the room watching it with you can laugh, love, and hate what you say about the show.
That does not make the central activity of watching TV a simulating endeavor.
I can not quantify the feeling I get when I am in this state. 
It's like my brain is in a coma. 
Okay so what am I just going to grown and gripe about how I "feel" when I am doing certain activities.
Why can I not just enjoy the show and scroll on social media and not think about the things that I consume.
But I can, I have done it for so long. 
Maybe not everybody has this instinct but when I do something for a while I take little mental tick marks on how that activity makes me feel.
Not fully documenting my emotion but being very aware of myself when I am doing certain activity. 

What I have concluded? 

	I don't feel better after scrolling on social media for 3 hours. 
	I don't feel good about waking up and the first thing I reach for is my phone to scroll on twitter. 
	I don't feel great about having my mind wiped about in 20 different directions every single day.

Now that I know that I don't like it what am I to do. 
I have tried not going on social media. 
I have done this for at most maybe a year and a half. 
The issue that comes about with this is that when I do go back then people are happy to see me back and it rewards me for giving in. 
So its not sustainable to remove it from my life all together.
Because it is a great way to catch up with people! 
Alas, almost all current social media(Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) is not just the people you want to keep up with its AD's, Promotions, and What is the most popular. 

So now I think I can start to reign in on what I like about social media since my list for hatred can go on for a while. 

	What I like
		Following people doings things I can about
		Learning about things I wouldn't have know about before
		The genuine people that I am able to talk to based only off mutual interest in a topic.

My perfect world.
Everyone has a website which they use to display the things that would be displayed on a social network. 
You can have a feed of pictures on your website with a caption talking about the picture. 
Boom Instagram outta business. 
You can post random short quirks about things you know nothing about and have them in a linear format.
Boom Twitter is done.
You can make a post about life updates for the people that care. 
Boom Facebook is outta business.

Alas I should be the change I want to see in this world so I will try to do this. 
I will update this article if I start working on it.
If you read this far stop lurking and send me a email you weirdo.