Website Gameplan

Re-writing my website, with some seemingly bold aspirations.
There are many things I want to express and have been looking for the correct medium, but now it's clear that the medium isn't found but created.

This article will be a way for me to keep myself honest.
Thoughts of grandeur stray the mind away from getting actual work done. 
By defining what the website is meant to be hopefully gets me more comfortable with it.


The website will be centered around text. 
That does not mean that there will be no images or videos but on the main page you will only see text.
The website should feel like reading a book. 


The way that the website will function is going to be as simple as possible.
When I say simple I mean S-I-M-P-L-E.
Lets define what is meant by simple.
Simple as in its understandable. 
Simple as in its portable.
Simple as in its something that I could recreate.
It will not be run by any pre-built static blog maker of sorts. 
But there will be programs that I write from scratch to make it easier to convert articles into HTML,RSS, and possibly PDF formats for longer articles.  
So this means all the articles will be written in a plain text file.
After the article has been written I am thinking of having meta data generated by git or other file statistics.


Okay but why? 
Software is just an algorithm.
An algorithm is just a series of steps.
Steps are just decisions made. 
I want to make my own decisions where I can.
It is not necessary to make my own decisions in this respect and in a myriad of other areas in life as well.
But there is a feeling that I must do my best to make these decisions because what do I become if do not.
More so what am I reduced to if my decisions are made for me. 

Also, I simply need to work on my writing. 
Figured a website might be a great place to do that. 
Lots of other ideas I have about this website but I will have to hold them for later. 

Mon Jan  3 21:25:25 EST 2022
I want all of the post to be in plain text. 
It makes no sense for me to do it otherwise. 
I write the notes in plain text and to give you something else would be a little cheat. 
Analougus to reading the notes from the authors hand. 
Don't worry if I decide to publish a book I will typeset it for everyone and there will be some post that will be more involved and I will typeset those but to encourage more frequent posting I will do them in plain text. 

Also, I think that Natural Language Processing will do so much better than tags by far. 
Finding what articles are related to what articles by NLP and linking them on a website could be a cool endeavor. 
I want to get a script together now that I have decided to move all the post to plain text. 
How to do so is the question my friends.