Under-Bed Storage

I built a box! This box also has wheels, and is approximately 3ft width, 4ft length, 1ft height. I looked forward to just buying this on amazon, but could not find something that fitted my needs. So here are my design documents.


I woke up Saturday morning craving for this project to be done. I sketched out this plan days before and now I knew I just needed to CAD(Computer Aided Design) it out. This is to get a rough cut list that I would need.

After doing this I was able to come away with this lovely render.

Of course not all plans follow through. Not because we could not complete them, but because they are over-engineered. I this case particularly, I did not need the side 3in blocks at all. The plywood was a good enough brace.


Final Results

In Hindsight

A couple of things I would do differently.

With more patience, I would have loved to do miter cuts for the joinery. The butt joints were easy but the miters would have been sexy and strong.

Use a skill saw for long cuts deeper than 12" into 4'x8' plywood.

Draw out the cuts on the plywood before hand.


Everything was about $100 USD.