Computing Background

Let us start from college on. I was initially a nursing major. For 3 and 1/2 semesters. Loved it, the classes were great and I soaked up the material. Then I purchased my first personal computer.

Lets skip the honeymoon phase. Shortly after this I take Programming Principles to see what its all about. It was extremely difficult because I have never seen ANYTHING like this. But I continued and liked it enough to switch my major. Not a single class transferred. Worth it.


I am a senior Computer Science student at Kennesaw State University. I have taken classes for operating systems development, A.I., Natural Language Processing, Database Engineering, and so much more. I have gained lots of experience along the way as well. I worked for Apple, Lavendale, Mindsense, and had some contract work along the way.

I like working and learning UNIX Systems. My favorite language is C for its brutal simplicity, and because how versatile it is with systems programming. My language that makes me the most money is Swift. My language that I use for the web is Javascript if I need to. The language I use most is my shell if you count that :).


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