I made an App


Sometimes the future is something to look forward to. Everyone has their reasons, so did my mom. So she like the other optimist in the room looked for a Countdown App. Something so basic you would like to think that it would be a built in app. Kinda is and kinda isn't, she wants to be fancy and have a name to the countdown. Also have the:

Listed out for her.

There are plenty of apps that do the same functionality. So why make another one?

It's the economy ads stupid.

Feature Creep

Boring Section Alert. There was none. I am doing the bare minimum so help me god. Literally just giving my loving caretaker what she asked for and nothing more. Unless she asks. But until the we are KISS.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Saving Data

I did add the ability to save the date and the title. No I didn't use Core Data like a weirdo, just throw the items in UserDefaults. Super nice to work with, going to be using it much more in the future.


The app is called Qountdown. Clever name right? Will be posting the links to the TestFlight and Appstore here soon.