Under-Bed Storage

I built a box! This box also has wheels, and is approximately 3ft width, 4ft length, 1ft height. I looked forward to just buying this on amazon, but could not find something that fitted my needs. So here are my design documents.

2022 Christmas List

A list of items to I think are cool. A good framework for guiding what I would like for Christmas. If you have any suggestions send a comment to my email!

Software Development can be for Pleasure and Profit. I started working on a app for my own amusement. The application is currently called WebSurf. WebSurf is a rethink of social media, in my eyes. The main goal of it is to blend your contact book to personal websites. After that is done you will have the ability to surf the web. Click on a little surf button, and you are taken to one of your friends websites.

Starting Services

Sometimes you need to keep that terrible python server that you have built from my last post running. Or you have a better built server and you want to get up an running. Let me introduce you to the world of services!

Nothing to report, but say hello to Octavia, my doggo. :)

Tired: Wanting to write a new article for your website.

Wired: Wanting to completely rebuild your website for your new article.

Python, Flask, and SQLite

I am a senior computer science student, so naturally, I will have a senior project class. In said class, we took the prompt of making a mobile application. Involved in that is also creating a backend for it. The team's middle ground language, besides Java, is Python, so that is what we are going with. This is how to set up a bare bones backend in Python.

Uncompressing folders in Swift

So imagine you need to get multiple files and folders from an API. One option for doing so is to get all the file names and request them from what ever file server you are using. This is terrible don't do this. The optimal way is to bundle the entire directory into a compressed format and distribute that one file. Okay great, say you needed these files in an iOS/iPadOS or MacOS application. That means you will need to decompress the files that you received in swift.

What's new in CoreML

A transcript of a talk I did at an Underdog Developers iOS Meetup. Discussing the new API features of CoreML. Also giving a general overview of what CoreML is and how it is used.

Started a new job at Rekor. Working as an iOS Engineer.