Tue Jan 18 12:11:16 EST 2022

Back at school today. 
Before going to school I cooked my breakfast and lunch.
Cooking lunch being the cooler of things happening.
I can estimate the cost of the lunch for year, at least for the hamburger side.

Cost of Hamburgers 
Item            Cost        Days
Buns            $3.99          8
|__140 Calories  
Ground Round    $9.00          6  
|__4 oz - 290 Calories

$13  for a week.
$676 for a year.

Not bad.
I also have mac and cheese and applesauce in cups with my lunch.
I doubt that It will be greater than the $324 dollars for the year. 
The applesauce a year would cost: 

$6 -> 18
So I will need 2.9 or 3 sets of that for the year.
3 * $6 = $18 

I would say I can make myself homemade mac and cheese for 14 weeks under $10.
So the cost per year would be $260. 
I want to be able to do lunch for under $1000 dollars a year and eat well.
If I move the goal post to $1500 it would be insanely good.
But the constraints are good. 
late for phsyics.

American Yawp
A little past the halfway mark of the book.
I am not into the industrial revolution.
It seems as though the federalist in the nation were a weak spot in America.
To still be loyal to the country you defeated is a little weird to me.
I understand that their were many complications with trade.
Still there has to have been a way to do the trade in another manner.
The federalist allowed for *special* trade relations with the crown.
Anytime I see *special* I worry about the true intentions.

Tue Jan 18 14:04:59 EST 2022
I calendars would be get documentation tools for the day.
Instead of planning the future it could help mark the past.
Maybe a text file with a date time period and activity like: 

Tue Jan 18 14:07:09 EST 2022
+Reading American Yawp
Tue Jan 18 14:07:56 EST 2022

I would like that and then it would be really easy to automate things and back things up to a database of some sort. 

I plan on reading Introduction to Linear Algebra by Serge Lang.
This will be for my Linear Algebra course with Professor Kang.
The text is short enough 260 pages.
At this moment I have ~100 days until final time. 
Would like to finish the book before finals. 
Given an hour I could finish 20 pages for sure.
So it will take me around 13 hours to finish the text book. 
Split across two weekends that is something I can do.
The only other course that I kinda did this with was algorithm analysis and I knew the material extremely well.

Will finish my linear algebra homework after my Probability and Data Analysis Class.

Tue Jan 18 21:56:59 EST 2022
Finished some piano practice and getting in bed to read more American Yawp.
Octavia, Darby and Athena are home.
There goes my sleep quality :); the things we do for love.