Wed Jan 19 13:13:02 EST 2022
Day two of cooking my lunch and it wasn't too bad. 
Was able to cook the mac and cheese on the fly.
It took 30 mins to cook both breakfast and lunch and eat my breakfast.

Was not able to get any piano practice in which was unfortunate.
Same with reading, I was not able to read anything until I got to school.

Chemisty seems a little out there right now. 
There are some things that I just do not understand.
I wish there was a book that encompassed all that she is teaching. 
Maybe I should just make on out of her notes :)

About 5 hours left in my book The American Yawp.

Still haven't heard from Rekor about the job which is a little nerve wrecking.

I brought my HP laptop with OpenBSD on it today.

To edit Hex in vim use: 

I find it that I enjoy reading the book over other forms of teaching. 
The best is when the class is led by the book.
But I must remember this doesn't scale well.
So my plan will be to finish the linear algebra book first.
Then move to chemisty and then if I have time physics.

When I was leaving this morning my car tire was flat and many holes were found.
Plan to solve this: 
Go home
Call Tire shop near Kelsey's 
Get Tire
Replace Tire with spare.
Drive near Kelsey's Mr. Tire.
Drop off car.
Go shopping at Walmart.
Uber to Kelsey's place. 

Would be good to do all the introductory lab notes in a weekend to get it out of the way.