Sun Jan 23 12:54:22 EST 2022
I have been talking more and writing less. 
That is not a good or a bad thing necessarily. 

Mainly with Dave and Quinton Shepard. 

I should make all of my notes on all the subjects in plain text.
It is very easy to compile and search information in such a form.

I think this year will be year of history and piano with me. 
Those are going to be the two things that bring the most growth.
Of course I will be working with computers and getting better in that sense.
But my other free time will be devoted to those two subjects.
Piano helps my head, its fun to be able to create things that sound nice.
I would like to be able good enough to have my own music to listen to.

Notes on writing: 
Since I write in the terminal I have the width set to 80 characters.
I try not to let my sentences get longer than that.
I have found that it feels rewarding to be completing these thoughts.
Instead I would have lots of run off sentences within my writing.
This mirrored my brain in a sense.
Everything was/is scattered about and there were no real crystallizations.

Plan for the rest of the day:
-   Get the car tire swapped around.
x   Get outfits picked for everyday of the upcomming week.
x   Get Meal Prepped for the week.
x   Do some homework.
-   write some code.
x   pay some bills.

I need to find some way to denote a folder shortcut.