Thu Jan  6 10:49:43 EST 2022

I was up until 4am last night, working on my website.
Time well spent.
Paid for this morning. 
But was able to get the routine done before 2 hours passed in wake up time.

That seems like a lot but here is the break down:

Wake up
|__Drink a glass of water
|__Brush teeth
|__Let dog outside
|__5 x 7 Squats 
|__50 push-ups 
|__50 crunches
Get dressed
|__Maybe Shave
|__Make Breakfast
|  |__3 eggs 
|  |__3 pancakes
|__Eat Breakfast
|__Parable of the Sower
Practice Piano
|__Alfred's Adult Piano Book

Lots of stuff and this is the first time I wrote it down.
I kinda like the format of it all.

Now we got to get some work done on the Match my Mechanic Project.

Sometimes talking to someone there comes a wall. 
I used to believe it was up to me to climb the wall and get the information across.
But then I remember this quote in the Introduction for Atlas Shrugged:

Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.)

Rand, Ayn. Atlas Shrugged . Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Dagny, the main character is trying force reason upon men who have turned their mind off.
It could work but it don't think that's her correct end goal and that is her flaw.

Looking for this quote allowed me to add the introduction to the text version of the book. 
Very happy about this.

I feel like I am getting younger as I am getting older if that makes sense.

Learned a bit about air conditioning today. Basically most of a central cooling unit is just like a wall air conditioning unit.
The part that sticks out the window is the big fan looking thing that is outside.

It passes the refrigerant outside, it does not pass air outside.
If it did then the outside air will seep in what ever way it can because it will be creating a destabilized pressure environment.
It would not do this if you were in a vacuum but then you have so many larger problems at that point.

Thu Jan  6 21:16:20 EST 2022

I want to do more things on the computer but I know I shouldn't. 
It will be a really fruitless endeavor.
Before I put everything up for the night lets have a little conversation.

I do not think they are nice reading. 
All the words are so cramped together. 
Its so easy to lose your place within reading. 
The ability to go to this line or that line seems so nice. 
It would be a way better way to organize book information if it was all on single lines for each sentence. 
Like imagine in notes for books you can just say the 123132 sentence of some book and it be a universally know thing.
I first noticed this as I was typesetting my books. 
(Which I hope to update the website with soon.)