A place for me to explore topics in the open. Some articles will be tech heavy, some will not. Some articles will be finished, some will not. Some articles will be good, fortunately some will not.

I want to try using email as a way to comment on articles. So if you want to comment on those I will have a link for you to send me an email. Please so so, I love getting emails.


A place for me to put the thoughts I would like to share about what I have been reading. Not all of it would be books so I should look towards renaming it to Reading. Alas, for now it stands.

I also like the process of typesetting. I don't know what it is about it but it makes me feel good. There are some older books that haven't been brought to the digital age. I am typesetting them in my spare time to bring them back to life. Mainly for my remarkable tablet and kindle. Be on the lookout for those files if you want them!


A place for me to keep you updated to what I am up to. Would love to have a stream of pictures on here on day. Mainly to leave Instagram. Also has links as to where to find me online. The page is kinda like a digital postcard.