About the Blog

I am getting rid of the blog. When you are writing for a blog there is an admirable thought, you think you will write only what's on your mind. When writing knowing I am going to be publishing it, I could not help but thinking of the reader. When I sit down to write I would like the thoughts to be my own. Without the push to say certain things one way or another.

About the Articles

For non plain text post. You will see projects here. You will see Rants Research and Discussion with Receipts. You will see writings that take more than 30 minutes to read.

The flow will go like this. I will write about something in my blog more than once. After a while I collect that information to make an article post. Will be an organic process, don't want to scare myself off.

About the Books

I like to read. It is probably a compulsive habit now. So this is a place to organize all of my books that I read. Along with the notes I take along the way. Most of these books I have in a high quality digital format. By that I mean I purchased them. So if for some reason you want a book and don't want to spend the cash email me I will let you have digitally borrow it.

I also like the process of typesetting. I don't know what it is about it but it makes me feel good. There are some older books that haven't been brought to the digital age. I am typesetting them in my spare time to bring them back to life. Mainly for my remarkable tablet and kindle. Be on the lookout for those files if you want them!

About the About :)

I tell you a little about myself but not too much because I am biased. You will have to read my blog to figure out how bad I am. All my contact information is there.